Spy App for Phones: Is it Legal to Track?

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What is a spy app? Have you ever had a wish to know what someone is doing with their phone? Sometimes you find yourself in a confused state about the movement of people who we care about. Maybe it is your partner, child or your workers you want to track; spyware is a kind of software that will allow you to monitor another phone from your phone.

Why do you need to use the Hoverwatch phone tracker? If you really value, the information on your phone then this is your best alternative. This spy app will let you know when someone uses your phone without your permission. It will enable you to get data from your partner- calls, and messages. Not only your partner’s information, but you will also be able to trace the movement of workers.


The spy app will also help you protect your child if you are a parent. To measure your child’s behavior and morality, you can get access to their phone to see what they access. You will get to advise your child so that they stay away from adult content and also the negative impact of social media sites.

How Legal Is the Use of Tracking Your Partner?

Despite all the benefits we get from using the spy app, it may land us into legal complications. It is vital before you decide to use the app, be sure that you are not interfering with someone’s privacy. This is because to interfere with another individual’s privacy is a crime, punishable by law.

The cases that you should be sure of include:

  • Collection of information- if you are to track your partner make sure that they use a phone SIM that is registered by your name. To register the sim under your details will give you authority by law to seek any information from the service provider. You can even call the service provider to request the texts and calls of the sim that is under your ownership. This way you will avoid being taken to court for obstruction of privacy of another person.
  • Call recording- a call is a private property of a person. If you record an individual’s call without their permission or without their awareness you are breaking a law. In most countries, this will land you in courtrooms for prosecution.
  • Location tracking- the spy app use GPS to identify the exact point where the mobile gadget is located. This is seen as stalking if you are tracking someone this way and using the data to abuse the individual. However, you can avoid landing yourself into legal problems by letting the person know that you are tracking them.

How to Install the Spy App and What Data You Can Get?

When you want to install the spy app in your phone device, first make sure that you have opened your phone security to accept new apps. The next step is to open your play store or app store and search the spy app, say program Hoverwatch. You will then download the app and install it on your device.

The spy app has different features to enable you to monitor your spouse more efficient. The features include:

  1. Device location tracking– use of the GSM cell tower will enable you to know the location of the mobile device even when the Wi-Fi and GPS are off.
  2. Tracking of Facebook messages– the spy app will enable you to access both inbox and sent messages on Facebook. This includes texts, audio, and videos.
  3. Call recording– you can access record of all call of the mobile device you tut on track using the internet.
  4. Tracking of SMS– TextSMS and MMS sent and received in the device you monitor can be accessed. In addition, it provides the location where they were sent and received.
  5. Sim card change detection– when the device you monitor change sim card; the spy app will notify you. It will also let you know the sim number replaced.
  6. WhatsApp tracking– the spy app will enable you to access all messages sent to the device. You can even retrieve the deleted messages in the phone you monitor.
  7. History of browsing-you will be able to read everything that the person browses from anywhere anytime using the internet. 
  8. Camera monitoring– the spy app enables you to know the identity of the person who uses the phone by use of the camera. It takes the pictures remotely and stores them for you to refer.

In fact, the spy app can increase love in the family. For example, a story is told of a couple inSurrey. Catharine and James after years of marriage, the wife discovered that the husband had installed an app on her phone that enabled him to know everything that involves her phone. The husband could read messages and even listen to the call conversations. The friends Catharine advised and pressured her to divorce the guy.

Catharine instead did not hearken to their suggestion but saw the incident as a way that the husband is so much in love with her. The mother of three who has been in a marriage for ten years had a say that this incident makes her feel more loved and in safe hands. This show how the spy app can be a symbol of love in a relationship.

While the spy app allows you to know where your partner is, it also acts as a security device. For example, if your partner/child has not arrived home at his/her usual time or too late, you can track with the help of Spy app. This will give you comfort knowing that your spouse or child is at some place you know. You can even go for them or if in case they are in a problem, you can help or get some help.


A Spy app has a lot of features that are beneficial to us. Yet, before we use the spy app we should be careful not to throw ourselves into a burning fire. Make sure that you are not interfering with someone’s privacy using the spy app. Tracking your kids is certainly needed when they are not mature. However, tracking others including your partner may lead to legal action, so do it on your own risk.