Sony Xperia Z2 Camera options

One of the best part Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone is its camera which shoots the best photos. This smartphone has 20.7 MP camera and the ability to record videos in 4K resolution that is enough to capture the best moment of your life. Let’s know about the camera features of the Sony Xperia Z2.

Once we open the camera application of this smart phone, we see that at the bottom right side of the screen appears to us a small circle with a picture inside. If you click on this circle, it will automatically display a list with all the camera options available to the Sony Xperia Z2 . These are the options:

  • Superior Auto: This is the easiest option of all, as it automatically adjusts camera settings to deliver a picture or video quality. In case we want to take a quick snapshot, this is the option that can be used else the moment will pass while adjusting the options.
  • Manual: One option aimed primarily at professional photographers. If you activate this shooting mode, you can  adjust the camera setting manually according to your need and configure it for all image parameters (brightness, contrast, etc.).
  • 4K video: One of the best option that stars Sony Xperia Z2. We can record videos with 4K resolution (one of the highest resolution available in the market.
  • TimeshiftVideo: This option allows you to record videos in slow motion. Moreover, once we have recorded the video, we can also customize it by selecting exactly the scene where we want to apply the slow-motion playback.
  • Background Defocus: You can use this option when the background is out of focus, and we can also adjust the blur as per your liking once we have taken the picture.

xperia z2 camera options

  • AR effect: This is one of the most curious and funny feature added to the camera of this mobile. It allows us to add virtual characters to our snapshot.
  • Creative effect: Another fun option also allows you to add different effects to your photos and videos you take with the camera. You can select whatever you like the most.
  • Vine: Short and funny videos; that’s the essence of Vine, a social platform that can automatically upload our videos if you activate this option. So, it’s up to you if you whether you want or not.
  • Info-eye: Rather than being an option intended to photography, is a curious add-on that will show information related to the object or landscape that we are focusing with a camera phone.
  • Timeshift burst: With this option, you can choose the best photograph from a burst of several snapshots that are taken within a few seconds.
  • Social live: Nothing but a social sharing tool.
  • Sweep Panorama: An option that does not need many forms. You can use this mode when capturing a large area and want this in one snapshot.
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