Sony requested to stop using SONY VAIO FIT 11A PC

sony vaio fit 11a

Sony launched a new model of its VAIO series PCs in February 2014 “SONY VAIO FIT 11A.” It’s not been long when FIT 11A was launched but it was reported by some of the users from China, Hongkong and Japan that the battery of this PC gets overheat and the body startes burning. So, this can cause a great trouble to the users of FIT 11A, as it might harm the user as well. So, the Japanese Company “Sony” has requested to stop using the laptop immediately, and asked to turn off the laptop and unplug the charging/power cable. You can check the below screenshot “statement by Sony published on its UK website.”

sony vaio fit 11a battery overheating issue

Well, this is not the first instance when Sony has issue with the PCs battery, but it has happened earlier as well, and Sony is not alone but there are other brands as well that have replaced the battery of some particular models in the past. Sometimes technical kind of stuffs goes crazy, and all a good brand can do is “test it properly, and thoroughly before they launch.”

At the moment the notification is only on the UK website of Sony, and will be there Globally soon. Sony sold around 26000 PCs of FIT 11A and, they will fix the issue or can  refund the full amount or can replace the PC. This will be done soon. I guess, they will replace the battery if they find everything else in good condition. If you hold a European Product, you can click here to go to the Sony website, and then follow the instruction. You can click on the link there “check if the model is potentially affected” and then you need to type model number and serial number of your product, and then hit the Submit button. This action can help you to find whether your system is affected or not.

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