Sony shows the powers of his spectacular (and expensive) projector 4K ultra short throw

Sony showed very active the last CES in Las Vegas, and the goods that were unveiled this projector, which have dubbed Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector, which as its name suggests is a short throw projector.

The benefits of this solution seem to spectacular priori, and go beyond the striking design which allows you to place this almost literally glued to the wall projector in the image we want to project. Unveiled at Sony have all the features of your new projector that uses a laser diode to project an image according to the manufacturer has a minimum of 66 inches diagonal but can reach 147. The projector also offers 2000 Lumens of light output.

A true 4K projector

Besides this ultra-short-throw projector offers support resolutions DCI 4K, which means it is a real 4K projector (4096 × 2160 pixel resolution) compared to projectors and televisions UHD (3,840 × 2,160) that manufacturers advertise as 4K though they are not.

The picture quality seems guaranteed thanks to the use of 3-chip SXRD, Sony is adapting technology LCOS trying to combine the best of all worlds DLP and LCD in the segment of the projectors. The inclusion of technology X-Reality PRO and the famous TRILUMINOS add up to a remarkable technical deployment.

These benefits section of the image are combined with a unique, modular design in which, among other things find specific items for speakers and they certainly excite users who want to avoid the uncomfortable projector mounts ceiling or wall.

Only for the wealthy

That fact does not seem to be an obstacle to the performance of a projector that is located in a more high-end price. Although there are no official confirmation, it is said that this projector will range between 30,000 and 40,000 dollars.

However, technology very short throw projectors can be affordable for nearly all public also after the recent launch of Philips Screen, which stands at a much more measured range (although the benefits justify it) and costs 1,690. In Sony have wanted to offer a much more ambitious team, and the result, admittedly, it’s fabulous.

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