Updated : Apps for iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows to Identify songs

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What song is this

There are many android, iOS and Windows Phone apps that can identify songs. We will tell you about some apps that can easily find song detail when you play the song. For example: You can ask Siri “What Song is this” or “identify the song”.

Siri : What Song is this

Siri Song Identifies

Siri is not an app, but a feature that iOS users can enjoy. If you are the owner of iPhone or iPad, you don’t need any song catcher or Song Identifier app. Make sure Siri is activated in settings. Now hold the home key until Siri gets activated. Ask Siri “What Song is this” or “Identify the song”. Siri will take a moment to listen to the songs, and will give you the song detail. It recognizes songs in various languages. If you have activated “Hey Siri” you can command even the phone is in stand-by mode; “Hey Siri, What is the name of this song” (take a short pause after saying “Hey Siri”, coz it takes a moment to wake the phone). It also shows the option to download song, but that’s not free.



Shazam app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone as well as Apple watch and Android Wear. App is available for free on all platform. Just install the app, launch it, play any song, tap on Shazam iCon, and wait for a moment. It will find the song for you, and you can listen preview. If you wish to buy it, you will be given options there.



TrackID app has been made by Sony, and it is available for Android devices only. It finds English as well as local music. Open the app after installation, tap on the the big button with TrackID icon, and it will find the song in seconds. You will also get YouTube link if you want to listen on YouTube. So you don’t need to command what song is this like Siri, just tap the tag button.



Music ID is also one of the great apps to identify songs. This app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. It can tell you what song is being played around you. It identifies the song, and tell you artist name, lyrics, YouTube Video link, etc.. You can also add note and location to remember where you heard that song, and can share of social media.



SoundHound is also an app that works as song identifier. This app is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones. To identify the song, you can tap on the orange SoundHound button that will tell you what song is being played around you. Along with identifying the song, it also allows to see lyrics, stream or share it. You can save the song as Spotify or Rdio Playlist.

Update: Rdio has been shut down.

 Sound Search for Google Play

Google Play Sound Search

Android users can download Sound Search for Google Play to identify any song playing around you. Here is how Sound Search for Google Play works;

  • Install Sound Search for Google Play from Play Store.
  • Go to home screen on your device, touch and hold on blank space.
  • Select add new widget, and add What’s this song? widget on home screen.
  • Now whenever you want to identify a song, touch the widget What’s this song?
  • If you want to do with voice search, tap the Mic icon, and say What song is this? Alternatively, it can also be used without tapping Mic. Just say “OK Google, Identify this song?”
  • After you find the song, it can be purchased from Google Play or save it to thing over.

Identify Songs with Cortana


Windows is not behind Android or iOS as far as Song Identification feature is concerned. To find the song on your Windows Phone, tap the Search icon to bring Cortana, and hit Music icon, and Cortana will start listening. Cortana will show the song detail if it finds.



Musixmatch has the largest lyrics catalogue, and it has app for Android, iOS and Windows Phones. Musixmatch Lyrics Finder app is actually made to find lyrics, but it can also be used as Song Identifier. Musixmatch identify the song being played around you, and shows you the lyrics, and this all happen with a simple tap.

SpotSearch for Spotify


It is an iOS application that let users identify a music being played around him/her. All you will have to do is type a part of lyrics, and it will find the song for you, and will also show a link to Spotify, YouTube or iTunes to buy or play the music.

Download the app for free



This app is available for Mac as well as Windows Computer. You can download it for free, and install on your computer. Once installed, launch the app, and you will see a small song identifier window on your computer. Play any song you want, click on Search icon, and it will find the music name for you.



Update: Midomi app isn’t available any more, you can still use their web service. Midomi now promotes SoundHound app on their website.

Like SoundHound or Shazam, MiDomi also has Android and iOS app that can be installed to identify song. However, MiDomi works without app as well. You can simply visit Midomi.Com, click on search icon, and sing, hum or play a song and MiDomi will tell you what song is this.

There are some other apps as well, but we have mentioned some of the best apps that can identify song for you. Once you have the app installed on your device and has internet connection, you don’t need to ask anyone what song someone is playing. You can simply use the app, and within a few seconds you will have the answer.