Some secret features and shortcuts of iPhone

iphone shorcut and tips

Burst mode shortcut: While using iPhone’s camera if you keep the capture button pressed, your iPhone will go to burst mode and starts capturing so many photos as long as you keep holding the capture button.

Take photos with Volume Key: When the camera is opened in your iPhone, you can simply press Volume key (up or down both works) and capture the photos. You can also take photos with headphone volume button.

Disable In-App Purchase: If your children also use your phone sometimes or you are afraid of App Store charges, you can simply disable it. Go to your iPhone settings —> Tap on General —> Tap on restrictions —> Enable restriction creating a PIN —> scroll down and Disable the In-App purchase option.

Undo Shortcut: If you are writing a message and wants to undo the written text (delete it), just shake your phone and you will get the prompt. Tap on undo.

Keyboard shortcuts: While writing a sentence, just press the space button twice (quickly) and you will get one full stop and one space to start a new sentence. 

Recharge your iPhone’s battery faster: Yes, if you put your iPhone in Airplane mode, it will get recharged faster than it really does.

Notification light: If you want your iPhone to emit light for new notifications, then go to Settings —> General —> Accessibility —> Turn on Led Flash Alert.