Some common cyber crimes

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Industrial Cyber Espionage

This related to the theft of corporate information in order to access your valuable information (intellectual property, technological developments, action strategies, customer databases, etc.).

Cyber Espionage to Hack into Government

It is the theft of information from government agencies that infiltrated the networks of diplomatic, government communications, scientific research, and petrochemical companies. The aim here is to obtain sensitive information and access credentials to unlock locked files on the computer, mobile devices, and network equipment.

Cyberattack on Critical Infrastructure

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, as detected with Aramco, the biggest oil company of Saudi Arabia, which was rocked by a Trojan installed on over 30,000 computers within the network. The company needed ten days to return to normal.

Cyber Mercenaries

Cyber mercenaries or groups of hackers with advanced knowledge hired to develop attacks directed at a specific target, in order to get the desired information.

Cyber Crime Within Financial Services

Cyber Crime against financial services, and in particular, the so-called banking Trojans designed to steal credit card data and increasingly focused on mobile devices.

Isolated Cybercriminals

Isolated Cybercriminals sell the information obtained to the highest bidder. One such incident has happened in the US when the Credit Car information of 70 million customers was compromised.

Organized Cybercriminals

Organized cyber thieves or gangs, that have moved the real world by “virtual” actions. Online fraud, credit card cloning, extortion, money laundering, etc. are just some of their expertise

Web-Pages Infection

One of the most common cybercrimes that always seek to find the vulnerability to infect web pages. The intention of this is to steal saved data within your browser.


individuals or groups who are moved by some ideology, seek to undermine the structure of the target. They remain anonymous and focus on DDoS attacks, website defacement, or publication of compromised data.

Cyber Sabotage

Cyber-sabotage is type of a cybercrime that tries to damage the reputation of an organization as well as its operation.