Some important things to consider before buying a laptop

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There was a time when computers used to be so heavy, and it was not possible to travel with this. Now, there are devices, like laptop, netbook, palmtop etc. You can find many brands of laptops, and you might get confused. When we decide to buy a laptop, we think more about the brands than its features. Do you really think major brands don’t care about the product quality? You should know what you are looking for, and then visit a shop to buy a laptop.

I will give you an example: You are fond of playing HD games on your laptop and store so many games on hard disk. Now, you went a shop, and asked the shopkeeper to show some good laptops. Among all you liked one that looked amazing, have 2 years of warranty, laptop had a tag of renowned brand. You bought it, and installed some games. Now, you can do everything on the laptop except playing games. You have a friend who knows a lot about technology and you called him. Now your friend checked and informed you: the graphic card is not capable of playing such games and it has just 2 GB RAM installed. So, this laptop can’t serve your purpose.” What do you think now? Neither the brand nor the beauty helps while buying a laptop.

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First and foremost, you need to know the reason of buying a laptop. If you want it for documents editing and internet kind of work only, then you don’t need to think about graphic cards and all, because the integrated graphic card is enough. Even if you do multi-tasking on your laptop, 4 GB RAM should be enough for data processing, internet surfing and using other applications.

Well, you need to buy the latest version of processor if you are looking for good performance. Don’t buy a laptop with Intel Pentium processor as they are outdated. Go for Intel Core i5 or Core i7. If you are a game lover, go for a laptop with 16 GB RAM and high-end graphic card. Graphic card gives you the best gaming experience and upgraded RAM will help you to play the game smoothly without getting stuck. Buying a laptop with dual core processor is fine, but go for a quad core i7 processor for the best gaming experience.

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As far as hard disk is concerned, the laptop should have enough memory to store your data, but storing your files on cloud storage will be a better option. This can keep your data safe even your hard disk is crashed. As I said earlier Brand doesn’t make much difference if you are buying a laptop of any renowned brand.

There are some more features you need to check. If you need Ethernet port, Bluetooth or any other features, make sure you check before buying it. If you want a laptop with good battery back up and want to have a spare battery to replace it whenever you wish, then make sure the battery is not integrated with the laptop you are buying. Some people need strong security like ‘finger print scanner’ or this kind of features, then you must check the feature at the point of purchase.  Some laptops don’t have DVD drive to read and write, so if you need it get the one with a DVD R/W drive.