Some great SmartBands under $30

SmartBands are the best companion of smartphones, and it makes your life easier. One the one hand where smartwatches costs a lot, SmartBands can come in budget on the other. Today we will tell you about some amazing SmartBands that you can buy.

Xiaomi Mi band

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi is well known around the world for its great devices that are sold at the best competitive price. Xiaomi Mi Band is one of them. It supports you in your exercise counting Steps you run/travel/walk, calorie burnet during exercise, monitoring your sleep, and it also wakes you up with vibration. It also reminds by shaking when you receive any call. Mi Band is dust and water resistant under IP67, and very light in weight, 14g only. You can pare it with any Android (4.4 or higher) or iOS (7 or later) smartphones. It keeps you connected to your device with Bluetooth 4.0.

If you stay in the US, It would cost you $17.64 only, for European countries: $23.53, For Russia : $20.12, Or you can pay $20.58 selecting Chinese Ware house and get it delivered almost around the world.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band for you here

V5s smartband

V5S Smart Bluetooth Wristband Watch

This is the cheapest SmartBand in the list that you may like. V5s SmartBand features an OLED display and bluetooth 4.0. Along with counting steps, monitoring sleep and reminding for call or message, it can do some more stuffs. You can control your smartphone’s camera and music play with SmartBand, and it also has anti-lost feature to find your smartphone when it is misplaced. It is also compatible with Android and iOS devices.

It costs only $10.96. You can get one for you here

I5 Plus smartband

I5 Plus SmartBand Watch

I5 Plus SmartBand is also dust and water resistant under IP67. It features bluetooth 4.0 and OLED removable screen, that is attached with band like a USB storage stick. You can remove it to charge. It can also be paired with any Android or iOS devices. It features almost everything what V5s SmartBand and Mi Band does; Steps count, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Burnt calculation, call/message reminder, remote control for smartphone’s camera, anti-lost and an addition Sedentary alerts when you are sitting for a long time.

It costs $24.99 only. You can buy here

Vidonn X6 Smartband

Vidonn X6 SmartBand

Like many other SmartBands, Vidonn X6 also features an OLED display, Bluetooth 4.0, and it is water resistant under IP65. Along with the reminder, it also works as caller ID. Vidonn X6 smartwatch lets you check even text or social media messages quickly as and when it arrives. You can raise your hand to check. It records the distance during exercise as well as calorie burnt. It can also be used to monitor sleep or get Sedentary alerts.

Price : $ 27.69, Buy this SmartBand here

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