Some good features of HTC One M8

Handset makers are well aware that one powerful terminal is not everything, and not good enough unless they have a good selection of applications and tools to take advantage of its technical characteristics.Apart from the Google default apps, HTC have provided many useful apps pre-installed with HTC One M8 for the users to take advantage from the first moment you turn on the smartphone.

The first thing is to know that HTC has its own Android interface presentation, a layer of customization to give a unique touch to their visual appearance. There is a selection of pre-installed applications to solve the needs of any average user who uses the smartphone. Once you turn on the terminal, you can find basic tools like a calendar, clock to place on the home page screen, information on time, calculator, a useful flashlight, a voice recorder or even a FM radio, among other functions.

However, HTC have thought beyond the average user, and next to these more general tools and other amazing applications have been introduced that add more value to the device. One is Blinkfeed, a kind of content aggregator that allows users to be aware of everything happening around them, both national and international news, and also the updates related to their social networks . You can register it as a widget or mini-window on the screen, from which you can read news, view status updates, show relevant gallery pictures or even recommendations of applications available on the Google Play Store.

There is an app “Zoe” that is an application as a photographic gallery or journal tinged social network , allowing to organize images chronologically and share content with other users. Its an amazing app which supports different image formats.

Another useful tool is HTC Sense TV, great for TV lovers and fiction series. And it is a smart guide to be informed of everything that is broadcasted on different channels. However, issues highlighted by the possibility of controlling the TV via the IR port terminal, like a remote control, the ability to manage content by category.

HTC Footballfeed will keep you up to date with the football world. All this without forgetting that this HTC One M8 comes with Android 4.4, kitkat operating system. In practice, this means having the latest tools, applications and services for Google, like Google Maps, the ability to create all kinds of documents and store them in the cloud with Google Drive, surf the Internet with Google Chrome the fastest internet brwoser, check out the videos on YouTube and other content such as books, movies and music from Google Play.

Sense 6 on HTC one M8 allows to unlock the device with gesture (called as Motion Launch). If you tap twice, screen will be locked, and can swipe once to unlock.

And last but not least, there are other third party applications like music service 7Digital, a huge number of mini-games and content for children in Kid Mode, the ability to view and create documents with Polaris Office 5 and synchronize data measured with Smart bracelet Fitbit application with its homonym.

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