Some easy steps to create a bootable USB flash drive

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Bootable USB drive


Update: Please follow this link to make Bootable USB drive of Windows OS (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7). This method can create trouble because of the bootsect.exe file.

There might be some instances when your computer’s disk drive is out of order, and you want to install a new operating system, but you don’t know what to do and how to install a new operating system using USB flash drive. Here I am going to tell you some easy steps what can resolve your issue, and you don’t need any technician for that. I have attached required files and screenshots as well to make the user understand in a better way. I’m not sure about other operating systems if it works, but I have tried with Windows 7 and Windows 8, and it works like a charm. Let’s make a bootable USB flash drive.

Step 1. First and foremost, you need an application named “Windows7 USB DVD tool’ and a file named “bootsect.exe.” I have attached these files here. So just download the files, install Windows7 USB tool following the installation instruction. Once the file is installed you need to move “bootsect.exe” file into the following location:

C:UsersMONA(User_Name)AppDataLocalAppsWindows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, where “MONA” is the user name of the laptop, you need to select your computer’s user name.

Step 2. You need to have an .iso file of the operating system you want to install. If you don’t have one you need to make an .iso file. That’s not a big deal. There are many freewares what can be used to make an .iso file. You can use any of them like, Imgburn, Power .iso, Burn aware, etc. Download and install the application and make an .iso file of your operating system.
Step 3. Once you have an .ISO file ready, attach a USB flash drive to your computer, and then open windows 7 USB DVD tool and click on browse. You need to select the .iso file what you have created, but make sure you need a USB flash drive with a minimum of 4GB space to make a bootable USB stick of windows 7 or Windows 8.

USB tool

Click on next button.

USB tool second stepAnd then you need to click on USB device.

USB tool third step
Select USB flash drive from the drop down box, and then click on begin copying, but when you click on copy this will format your USB flash drive. Please make sure you don’t have any important files there.

USB tool fourth step

USB tool coping files
This process might take 7-15 minutes. Grab a cup of coffee and sit tight. Once it’s done, you will see green line and a message that states “bootable USB device created successfully.”

USB tool bootable file done
You are good to go now. If you want to install the operating system now, you need to make sure if the USB booting option is enabled. If it’s not, you need to shut down your computer and start it again (or can restart), but once you press the start button you need to keep pressing the key to get the setup option. Depending on the computer or laptop key might be different (in my case F10 worked with HP). Check the manual to find it. Once you are in setup options, just select boot setting, and then enable USB boot option. Save the settings and restart your computer, and then keep pressing the key to get the option to select the device to boot (in my case F9 worked with HP), again will ask you to check the manual to make sure you are pressing the right key. Finally select the USB flash drive to boot and follow the instructions.
If you face any issue, please comment here. We will get back to you.