Snapchat with outstanding chat and video call options


Snapchat is continuing to provide good services to its users, and they are working on increasing features to its app. So, Snapchat has already introduced some new features, and this is not for chat only, but now you will have amazing experience while sending photos and making video calls as well. At present, there are lots of social messaging and video calling apps, and all the service providers understand that if they want to get more users and stay in the app market, they are supposed to add good features. That’s what Snapchat is doing as well.

Now, this app can give you the best experience while chatting with your friends and family, a feature that is hard to find in other messaging app. When we chat, there are lots of conversation, and after sometimes if we need to check something back, it’s little complicated and frustrating as you have to scroll a lot and look for that word, but snap chat makes it the easiest for you. just highlight (selecting a particular line of the conversation), and check it back later that can work as a reminder. Along with that Snapchat also allows you to edit the photo. It’s not about filtering and adding effect to the photo, but it allows to draw on the image. Just watch the below video and you will understand what I really mean.

How about the video calls? How many apps have you used for making video calls? I hope, you don’t even remember, and the same with me. We try many apps, and later we delete because some of them are creepy and some doesn’t work properly or due to the lack of the features. Well, give Snapchat a try and you are going to love it. Snapchat allows you to use both the camera, front and the back. While making video calls, you can use front camera, and you can simply slide on the screen to use back camera and can do the same to use front camera. The other person can see you, and you can show him/her what you are doing or eating or whatever you wanna show simply sliding on the screen. Watch the video for more clarification.

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