Smartwatch takes over Swiss Watch in a year only, Apple holds 63 percent share alone

Apple Watch vs Swiss Watch

Image : TeleGraph UK

Who don’t like Swiss Watch? However, Swiss Watches don’t come in budget of many people. Swiss Watch has been popular for so many years among those who can afford it, but there is nothing stable in this world. Analysts says the Swiss Watch makers are very slow to adapt the changes and development, and they seem to be assuming that Smartwatch will go away itself. However, such thought turned out to be very awful, and Smartwatch took over Swiss Watches in a year only.

You may not afford Swiss Watch, but you can afford a Smartwatch for sure. Smartwatch can be purchased for as low as $25. The rapid growth of Smartphones and health features has helped manufacturers a lot to sell more and more Smartwatches.

In 2014 Q4, around 1.8 million Smartwatches were shipped compared to 8.3 million Swiss Watches, but in Q4 2015 Smartwatch received 315.6 percent growth, and around 8.1 million Smartwatches shipment has been estimated compared to 7.9 million Swiss Watches (-4.8 percent decrease in demand).

Apple Watch vs Samsung Smartwatch Shipment

Apple Watch was launched in the second quarter of 2015 (April, 2015), and now they hold 63 percent share among all shipped Smartwatches. Samsung managed to hold 16 percent share. Apple alone account for a commanding 6 in 10 all smartwatches shipped worldwide.

Smartwatch vs Swiss Watch Shipment

Many people says, let the watch be a watch and serve its purpose. However, a huge 315.6 percent growth in Smartwatch shipment and decreased demand of Swiss Watch suggests that users have started switching to Smartwatch. It makes our life easy when connected to a Smartphone, and also helps us to be healthy showing health related data and suggestions. So yes, Smartwatches are cheaper, and users love them. Swiss Watch Manufacturers need to adapt the changes before it goes out of control.


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