Smartphone and car: the best ally of each other

iphone 6 plus in carYour Smartphone can’t be the best ally of your car during trips, as long as you do not manipulate its functions while driving; it can have a load of possibilities to provide you and your car at specific movements whether it’s short, medium or long driving. So today we bring some applications, tips and utilities from your Smartphone that can support your car.

Support for your Smartphone

First, your phone should be subject to a support. There are different types so you can choose what suits you best and fits better in your car. Remember that when you’re driving you must not look away from the road; this support will help towards using it as GPS.


Your Smartphone can be used as a GPS to make the directions of your car to your destination. Maps, Google Maps or Apple have this option but you can also download applications that offer other possibilities.

For example, Waze is a social GPS with which you can interact with other drivers to get information if there are traffic jams, accidents or other circumstances during your trip, so recommend alternative routes. You also have advertisers to fix it and the ability to mark weather conditions that may cause risks for your trip.

But remember; set your trip before you get on the road and not when you are driving to avoid distractions.

Your journey with music

The music accompanies you in your life, then why not during your journey? You can connect your Smartphone to your car if it is more advanced, or use for older systems. For example, if your car is still using cassette, you can purchase a tape with audio cable and listen to music that you carry in your mobile to get on your car speakers. There are other options as generators tuning radio or other.

To equip your Smartphone with the best music you can download some applications with a large catalog of songs as Spotify, Pandora, and more.

Get a remote control that engages to control music so that it can choose the music automatically and you can avoid distractions.

Hand off

Today all Smartphones have speakerphone option and have personal assistants like Siri or Cortana also cars come equipped with this option to talk on the phone without being distracted and you can control the steering without moving hands. If your car does not have it, you should get one, you will not regret if get it!

The best package

And to enjoy all this, it is best to equip your Smartphone with the best rate package to your mobile with which you can talk and surf without worry.

Best of luck!

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