Smart Locks: What they are, how they work and which one is the best?

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If you are looking for a way to improve your automated home security you should give a chance to the Smart locks the new technology. 

In my today’s article I’m sharing another type of gadgets designed for smart homes that although not as well known but have very good response in the market; these are ‘Smart locks’.

Smart locks are gadgets that are designed primarily for use technology as a way to make homes safer. And although they are tools that are taking their first steps with great potential.

What are they and how do they work?

Although the thought of the word smart lock might be a simple system for opening and closing doors, but these devices go far beyond. Although in principle the basis for its operation and the end goal is to enable and disable remote locks.

In principle, most of these systems have a camera that connects directly to the implementation of your Smartphone, allowing you to see who is knocking on the door. Besides the camera, also typically incorporate a communication system, so who’s at the door can speak to you and tell you what that one’s need, and if you are not at home can communicate with that person.

Another of its main uses is to focus on the ability to control the lock on the front door using the Smartphone. So, if you are not at home you can open the door to a family that has come to meet you, or directly can open the door without using the keys when you get home.

Best smart locks currently

There are already a handful of systems on the market that can function as intelligent timbres, such as locks, or both in one device. Below I have compiled a list of some of those which might be more attractive today.

-Skybell: As its name implies, Skybell is a bell that works due to the cloud. This device has a camera and an intercom system that will allow you to see who’s knocking the door and hear what he has to say.

-Kwikset-Kevo: This smart lock connects to your Smartphone or a special keychain using Bluetooth connectivity. The idea is simply to tap the lock thereupon it will communicate with the Smartphone and if you are close enough to open the door. Otherwise you can send remote authorizations to your guests so they can access your home.

-Nucano: This small bell founded by Kickstarter can communicate with other home automation devices such as locks and thermostats, also sends notifications to the Smartphone warning of the arrival of people home, and even allows you to record short video clips to tell exactly who is on your doorstep.

-Lockitron: A good, simple intelligent lock that works by connecting to the Internet. You can control the lock with an application from your Smartphone. Perhaps one of the weaknesses of this type of locks is that it eliminates the use of flat keys, depending entirely on the Smartphone.

– August Smart Lock: One of the most interesting locks today by countless options that account. Basically integrates all the strong points of the other locks like being controlled from an application, Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to open and close doors without keys locally, do recording about who enters and leaves the house to be reviewed later. Definitely a great option.

There are probably another handful of alternatives in the market. But here I shared good choices, and of course, complete home automation systems tend to have fairly complete but much more expensive options.