Smart lenses: you won’t lose your lenses anymore

tzukuri smart lenses

The wearable usage are increasing each day, though some people think that wearables are not good. Some people use it for style and some of them need to it as some of the wearables comes with the health monitor feature as well. The chances of losing wearables are more, because of its size and might be some people can ask you to show and your forget to take it back, or you left it somewhere while playing with them (as some users do).

smartlenses which you will never loseWell, I am not going to discuss about each and ever wearables here, but just the unique lenses that is going to be launched by a Japanese firm “Tzukuri.”  They thought of the new generation and made the lens equipped with the bluetooth and Geolocation technology. The best part of this lens is that you don’t need to worry about the battery, power and recharging, because they have use the solar technology, and the lens has a chip what does everything. Well, the lens has been developed for iPhone and it’s perfectly compatible with iPhone.

How does it work?

You can configure it once connected to the iPhone via bluetooth. You can set the distance limit to alert you when you are away from the lens. You can set it as 5, 10 and 15 meters. This gadget is smart enough and can store different locations, so it avoid alerting when you are at your usual places, like home and office. If you forget the device, you can take advantage of its geolocation feature and trace your lens. So, the iPhone alerts you and the map shows the location where you left it using geolocation technology. Isn’t it great?

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