Slogans from Famous Brands on Condom Packets

There are many famous brands with powerful slogans. These slogans are also great fit for condoms. If they plan to sell condoms, they can do it without changing their slogan or tagline.

There are 45 brands and slogans we have posted in this article, and the first 13 slogans were applied by Max Wright on condom packets. However, his tumblr page doesn’t exist anymore. He has done a great job, and these slogans fit the best on condoms.

1. The Home Depot Condom: You can do it, we can help

The Home Depot condom

2. Pringles Condom : Once you pop, you can’t stop

Pringles condom

3. PokéMon Condom : Gotta catch ’em all!

Pokemon condom

4. Nike Condom : Just do it.

Nike Condom Slogan

5. Monster Energy Condom : Unleash the beast

Monster condom

6. McDonald’s Condom : I’m lovin’ it

McDonald Condom

7. KFC Condom : Finger lickin’ good.

KFC Condom

8. IN-N-OUT Condom (Just brand name is enough 😛 )

In N Out Condom

9. Gatorade Condom : Is it in you?

Gatoride condom

10. Energizer Condom : It keeps going… and going… and going…

Energizer condom

11. Burger King Condom : Have it your way.

Burger king condom

12. Adidas Condom : Impossible is nothing

Adidas Condom

13. XBox Live Condom :

XBox Condom

Here are more brands, but some of them have Slogans in Hindi language, so I have translated them in English.

14. Alpenliebe Condom : Jee lalchaye, raha na jaye (Translate : Can’t control the temptation)

Alpenlibe Condom

15. Amul Condom : The taste of India

Amul Condom

16. BSNL Condom : Connecting India

BSNL Condom

17. Brooke Bond Condom : Wah Taj! (Translate : WOW!)

Brooke Bond Condom

18. Boost Condom : Boost is the secret of my energy

Boost condom

19. Bajaj Pulsar Condom : Definitely Male

Bajaj Pulsar condom

20. Bajaj Allianz Condom : Jiyo Befikar (Translate : Live freely)

Bajaj Allianz condom

21. Cadbury Daily Milk Condom : Kuch meetha ho jaye (Translate : Let’s have something sweet)

Cadbury condom

22. Dettol Condom : Be 100% sure

Dettol Condom

23. Fevicol Condom : Fevicol ka mazboot jod hai tootega nahi (Translate : You can’t break something that is jointed with Fevicol)

Fevicol Condom

24. Gillette Condom : The best a man can get

Gillete condom

25. McDowell’s No. 1 Condom : Mera No. 1 (Translate : My first choice)

McDowells condom

26. LuxCozi Condom : Apna luck pehen ke chalo (Translate : Put on your luck)

Lux Cozi Condom

27. KurKure Condom : Tedha hai par mera hai (Translate : It’s not straight, though, it’s mine)

Kurkure Condom

28. Kingfisher Premium Condom : The king of good times

Kingfisher Condom

29. Hero Honda : Fill it. Shut it. Forget it

Hero Honda Condom

30. Mirinda Condom : Zor ka jhatka, dheere se lage (Translate : The big shock feels less shocking)

Mirinda Condom

31. Nirma Condom : Sabki Pasand Nirma (Translate : Everyone likes Nirma)

Nirma Condom

32. Nokia Condom : Connecting People

Nokia Condom

33. Onida Condom : Neighbour’s Envy, Owner’s Pride

Onida Condom

34. Pepsi condom : Ye dil maange more (Translate : I want some more)

Pepsi condom

35. Red FM Condom : Bajaate Raho (Translate : Keep playing)

Red FM Condom

36. Raymond Condom : The complete man

Raymond Condom

37. Radio Mirchi Condom : It’s hot!

Radio Mirchi Condom

38. Prestige Condom : Jo biwi se kare pyar, wo prestige se kaise kare inkar (Translate : If you love your wife, you must get Prestige)

Prestige condom

39. Pepsodent Condom : Raat bhar dishum dishum (Translate : It fights whole night)

Pepsodent condom

40. Sprite Condom : Bujhaye pyas, baaki all bakwas! (Translate : Only Sprite quenches thirst, rest are bullshit)

Sprite condom

41. Surf Excel Condom : Daag achche hain (Translate (sense) : Don’t get worried of spots)

Surf Excel Condom

42. Tata Sky Condom : Isko laga dala, toah life jhingalala (Translate : Your life gets awesome once you set it up)

Tata Sky Condom

43. Thums Up Condom : Taste the thunder

Thums Up Condom

44. WILLS Condom : Made for each other

Wills Condom

45. CocaCola Condom : Opens Happiness

Cocacola condom

Images : Thatscoop | Folomojo  | Max Wright

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