Should you buy a Sony Android Walkman of worth $ 1,200?

Reviewing over the “rare” devices that were presented during the CES Las Vegas, we could have a look, and interest to the new Hi-Res Sony Walkman NW-ZX2. Normally not something to pay attention, but considering it is an Android-based Walkman and it cost is $ 1,200; don’t you feel this curiosity. Is the price doing justified? Let’s find its answer;

First, the Sony NW-ZX2 is a music player and possess up to 128GB capacity with microSD card, with which you can have up to 60 hours of Hi-Res music. For audio to 24bit, with up to 192 KHz and supporting AIFF, Apple Lossless, DSD formats, WAV and FLAC. Amplification covers frequencies up to 40,000 Hz and the screen is quite good, and the way through which it represents the frequencies.

The reason that this player is doing good business is because it links the gap between the master recordings and MP3 compressed songs that we usually hear; in the race to make smaller files and, apart from losing megabytes otherwise lost its quality. Notice the difference? Long time we didn’t see an improvement in audio, so Sony wants the user to listen to music as close to the original as possible.


To my untrained ears, something noticeable, but just that, something. The sound is richer, deeper, more textured, but it is difficult to appreciate. Of course, it sounds better, but unless you’re a trained person in these conflicts, I cannot justify buying this device just for that little extra quality which is barely noticeable. Only experts can perfectly know the difference, and may be for them this player is made.

If you are thinking about taking the wagon Hi-Res quality, keep in mind that the files of this type employ between 80 and 200 mb per song , depending on the quality (24bit / 96 KHz or 24-bit / 192 KHz), so an album can be carried forward just over 1GB. Fortunately, with the possibility of microSD expansion, the chances are increased in this player, as well as the option to integrate applications, since it is compatible with Google Apps. You can try downloading songs there are applications available to download mp3.

As to buy albums can also be more expensive if you buy them in higher quality, so you should think about it too. The NW-ZX2 is clearly aimed for those who seeking quality of supreme audio, and are not willing to pay for it. The value you will appreciate and also anyone who has a library of downloaded songs (or purchased) of high quality and knows and wants to notice the difference perfectly. In my viewpoint you have no need to buy expensive HD songs DVDs if you’re not that kind of person.

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