Share Photos to Instagram directly from iPhone’s Photos App

iOS and Android both are very popular, but Android comes with more flexibility and freedom compared to iOS. We will not talk about each and every limitation, but the limitation with Photos app only. Sharing Photos from iPhone’s Photos app is quite easy, but when it comes to collaboration with other application you may have difficulties at times. Earlier Instagram app was missing from Photo Sharing option (while using iPhone’s Stock Photos app). So you could share photos to Instagram using Instagram app only.

Well, a new update (8.2) for Instagram has been released yesterday (June 6), and this update has now resolved the issue. Now when you tap on Sharing button, you will See Instagram icon as well along with other apps icon, like WhatsApp, FaceBook and Twitter.

Instagram Sharing

If you still don’t see Instagram app while sharing Photos, it can be enabled easily. Follow these steps to make Instagram Appear while sharing photos from stock Photos App in iPhone

  • Launch Photos app on your iOS device
  • Tap Sharing Button (located on the bottom left corner)
  • Tap More (symbol with 3 dots)
  • Enable Instagram by switching the button towards right
  • Tap Done

Now you will see Instagram icon along with other apps. Tap on Instagram icon to share Photos on your Instagram Page.