Did you try “Send” : A messenger like email app

Send an email app like messenger

You must have used many email apps from other email providers, but did you ever use an email app that feels like chat conversation? Yes, “Send” is an email app for iOS devices that is a Microsoft Garage Project. It can be downloaded for free from Apple’s app store. Its in-and-out-email feature enables you to send and receive message like quick conversation, so you get No subject lines, salutations, or signatures.

The receiver can reply you from any computer or mobile, even they are not this this email app. The email is also delivered to your inbox, so that you can reply from computer as well if you want. It feels like one of the best email apps.

send an email app from Microsoft Garage project

The app has a nice colorful look that feels great. It could be very useful for quick conversation to save time. Send email app is only available for Office 365 users. if you already have an office 365 account from office or school, you can login with your existing account. This app does not work with hotmail, live or other email accounts.

Want to download Microsoft’s Send? Click Here to download from iTunes

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