Unlock Secrect keyboard on iPhone to get list of Emoticons

Did you know that your iPhone has a secret Keyboard, rather Emoticon Keyboard. Once enabled it will give you a list of Emoticons that you can use during messaging/typing. Emoticons are different from Emojis, it is used to express your emotion combining a set of symbols, like “:-)” for smile or happy face 🙂

To unlock this secret Emoticon keyboard on your iPhone follow these steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General –> Keyboards –> Add New Keyboard
  • Select Japanese
  • Tap on Kana to select
  • Tap on Done

That’s it, you have added it successfully, now you need to learn how to use it.

While typing you will notice that the Smily icon from the keyboard has been replaced with Globe sign. This is where you need to tap on. Once you tap on Globe Sign, you will see Japanese Keyboard on the screen (If Emoji appears, tap on Japanese character that appears at the left bottom). Now Tap on Smily icon (located beside mic sign). Now you can swipe and select any emoticon, or tap on up arrow sign to reveal a list of Emoticons to choose from.

If you are facing any trouble to enable this feature or want to check how it works before you enable this secret Emoticon keyboard on iPhone, watch this video


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