Awesome Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

The Galaxy S7 resists water and dust, but Screen Protector give much protection to the mobiles that no mobile can give. I’m sharing some affordable Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7/edge, so you can pick one of them that suits you. Of course, it is risky if you don’t put a protective cover and a Screen Protector on such an expensive phone.

There are some models like Moto X Force that come with impact – resistant screens, but it is usual action of getting the screen break after a fall. So tempered glass can avoid such unrecoverable disasters. There are many budget Screen Protectors and mobile covers in the market that anyone can buy.

I will introduce you some Screen Protectors and resistant mobile covers that are available in popular and reliable stores. Obviously, if you don’t want your Galaxy S7/edge screen gets broken, here are the options to protect them from unexpected bumps and falls. However, I’ll share a list that is more focused on the normal model of Galaxy S7, with flat screen.

Tempered Glass with free TPU Case for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Protector plus Case

Package Includes

1 Full Covered Tempered glass film screen protector
  • 1 Clear TPU case

If your pocket is not allowing you buying a good quality Screen Protector, I’m sharing low cost ultra protective glass, that offers additional security just for little money. It is a model that meets the standard of hardness 9H, with 0.22 millimeters thick and high transparency. It is Super AMOLED compatible high quality screen protector/film. It keeps your phone safe and protects from scratches. It costs $5.44 for Galaxy S7, and $7.97 for Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Gel Clear Case Cover with TPU Screen Protector

S7 protect

If, you’re looking for a protective glass and a cover as well, this option is for you. It is a pack of very low cost, less than $6, which offers necessary protection; For Full Coverage TPU Guard option you will receive S7 edge case, S7 edge flat screen protector and S7 edge TPU Full Coverage screen protector (retail packed), Or you can just pay $4.39 if you don’t choose the full coverage option.It’s very lightweight, and can be installed and removed easily. One can easily type with this cover. It’s 100% transparent and saves the phone from dust or dirt particles.

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3D Curved Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film For Samsung S7 & edge

s7 and s7 edge 3d protector

Package Includes

  • 1 Full Cover Screen Protector
  • 1 
Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 Dirt Clean Cloth
  • 1 Alcohol Wipe

This screen protector gives best quality of protection to phone as it’s made up of highest quality of optical grade PET film. It is a model that meets the standard of hardness 9H, and 0.2 millimeters thickness. It gives your phone a 360-degree full protection against any potential harm or damage. It’s made up of premium quality of tempered glass material. It’s ultra thin and explosion-proof, shatterproof and impact-resistant. Its other great advantage is, it reduces eye strain that caused by the usage of LCD screen.

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