Say goodbye to the battery discharging issue, and charge your mobile anywhere

There is one major concern with all the smartphone users, and that is battery back-up. Any of the smartphone doesn’t run more than one day after complete charge. The reason behind this is that we don’t just use the phone for making calls only, but there are a lot to do on a smartphone, and the high speed internet connectivity consumes most of the power. When we travel, the phone goes dead after a certain time because of the battery. So, we need something what can charge the mobile without the electricity, just like a power station for mobile. Today, I am going to tell you about Mophie products which are very useful for smartphone users.


Mophie Powerstation Duo is compatible with smartphones, tablets and other USB devices. Powerstation Duo has the battery capacity of 6000mAH. You can charge two devices at the same time, but make sure you don’t connect the mobile when the powerstation is being charged. Powestation needs to be charged separately, and once the device is charged, you can connect your mobile to its port. You can carry it when you are travelling so that you can charge your mobile on the go. There is an LED indicator which starts blinking once the mobile is connected and starts charging, and then the light turns off after 30 seconds. Powerstation Duo costs $99.95. You can also get Powerstation pro paying the same amount of money. Power station pro is dustproof and water resistance. Falling some water on the device won’t harm it, but don’t take it with you while taking bath or swimming. If you want the cheaper one, you can also go for “powerstation” what can charge one mobile at a time, and will cost $79.95. If you wish to check your smartphone compatibility with Powerstation Duo, please visit this URL “”

juice pack outdoor edition

Mophie Juice Pack Pro is an iPhone case which is compatible with iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. This case is enough strong and well designed to save the display from scratches, and it has the forward facing port to enhance the sound. Sounds like PocketPlug, but PocketPlug doesn’t have any battery to provide the juice to your phone, but the Juice Pack Pro does it. Its battery capacity is 2500mAH, and costs $129.95. Juice Pack Pro provides 150% more power to your mobile. There is one more version of Juice pack pro which come with outdoor edition app, and give you a better experience than a standard GPS map with its outdoor edition app. Juice Pack Pro – outdoor edition costs $149.95. Apart from GPS feature, the rest of the features remain the same.

power and storage

Power plus storage:  Mophie is ready with a new advanced case for iPhone 5/5S which will add up to 100% extra power along with the storage capacity of 16GB or 32GB. You can choose what you like. So, your phone memory along with this storage will make a huge memory for you, and you can store more stuffs. This is going to be great, but you need to wait. The pre – order option is available on the website, but it will be shipped in march if you order now. You better check Mophie website as this kind of things keep changing.

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