Save money on GoDaddy Products Purchase and Renewal

Money Saving Tip for GoDaddy Users

If you are GoDaddy customer and wants to join GoDaddy, we have got some tips for you that can help you to save money while buying a new Product from GoDaddy or Renewing existing one.

How to save Money with GoDaddy?

Buy hosting account for a longer period

You may have less money at the time of joining, but don’t forget the huge discount that you get while joining GoDaddy. You get up to 50 percent (changes time to time). When you renew it, you will never get much discount. They allow to subscribe Hosting account for up to 10 years, and you get one time chance to save that much. So it’s your call!

Godaddy Discount deal


Don’t forget to claim free domain while buying a Hosting Account

Before you go ahead to purchase a new Hosting Account with GoDaddy, be ready with a domain name you want to buy. Most of their hosting Plan comes with a free domain, and you can’t claim this later. While placing order for Hosting, you are asked to choose a domain to get it for free.

Claim Free Domain

Buy a product that suits your need

If you intend to run multiple websites on your hosting, and looking for unlimited storage, don’t buy something that you will repent on. For example : GoDaddy has Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate Hosting Plan as you can see in the first image of this article. Economy Hosting allows to host only one website, and comes with 100GB Storage only, and other 2 comes with Unlimited Website Hosting and Unlimited Storage. You can see that the price difference is not so much. So think twice before you make a decision, else you may have to buy a new product or multiple product later. This is waste of money and waste of time.

Look for coupon, but don’t waste your time (New Purchase Only)

There are many websites that provide coupon code to buy new GoDaddy Products, like this one. If you are a new subscriber, you can get your first domain for $0.99 only. If you intend to have a Hosting account with more than one domain, you should buy a domain first for $0.99, and then purchase Hosting Account, else you may not  get a domain for $0.99 after purchasing Hosting Account. This deal or discount coupon doesn’t work for existing customer. So you should not waste your time with finding one.

Discount or coupon to renew existing products

Stop wasting your time in search of finding coupons for renewal. You may get thousands, but I doubt if one of them will even work (specially for domain renewal). The best way to get discount for existing product is Call GoDaddy Customer Service. They may tend to have no available offer, but there is always something they can do. I have tried many times and it always worked, and here is what you can tell them.

I wanted to renew it for a year, but I can renew for a longer period if you can offer me some discount

Try to negotiate. Believe me, there is no service providers in the world who wants their customers to run away. They will probably give you the best deal.

Keep an eye on emails GoDaddy sent

GoDaddy sends discount coupons times to time to buy new product or renew existing one, but those discount coupons expire in few days or week. So you need to use it before it expires

Bonus Tip

  1. For $0.99, You can get as many domains as you want, but you always need to create a new account, and use a different Credit Card or Payment Method. You can ask your Family Members or Friends to buy you a domain, and you can pay them what they spent to purchase domain. Later, you can transfer that domain to your account.

Should I close my GoDaddy Account if they are not offering desired discount

Yes, You can, but you should know that all service providers give more discount at the start, and then they don’t provide same offer while renewal. If you have not subscribed for a longer period at the start, it’s your fault. All service providers. Changing the hosting account is a pain. If you are happy with the uptime of the current service provider, and want to change just for discount, you can create a new GoDaddy Account, buy a new Hosting for a longer period, and transfer your data to the new server, and then Cancel your existing account. That’s it, and you are done!

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