Samsung presents “a substitute for traditional hard drives”

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Samsung faster external ssd

It’s smaller than a business card, weighs just 23 grams (the cable that incorporates weighs about 30 grams) and is intended to “replace traditional hard drives,” said Jaime Sanchez, director of sales area in Samsung Storage Spain. This is Samsung Portable SSD T1, hard disk solid state released recently by the South Korean multinational in Madrid, a device equipped with care and increased security measures design and strength than traditional hard disks.

The device comes in three versions, with a capacity of 250 GB (which price is about 240 Euros), 500 GB (400 Euros) and 1TB (about 780 Euros). This new solid state disk, designed for all kinds of people who want to store their precious and personal as well as professional data (photos, videos, etc.), according to Sanchez; it provides highly protected option from both point of views as hardware and software. “In this type of device security is very important, so we have chosen to provide the user the possibility of encrypting precious data, so it is very easy to use; however it requires a password to access information,” he added.

The SSD is also more durable than traditional hard drives, “it is resistant to shock and vibration and incorporating memory chips and non-metallic components.” On the other hand, said the spokesman, in this device the information transfer is much faster, reaching 450 megabytes per second. To give an example, it employs eight seconds to transfer a film of 3 GB and 27 seconds for a film of 10 GB, compared to an external hard drive that takes, respectively, 26 and 85 seconds. “It is also a lifelong hard disk, an estimated 1.5 million hits last-intensive.

The device is intended for use on PC or Mac (it is compatible with Mac OS and Windows). They will, however, still in under process to prepare another for smartphones, according to the spokesman, and this advancement will be the next step of this technology.

Only a Player weight storage

Although Samsung is basically known in the field of mobile technology, which captures 50% of their income, the South Korean attacks many other market segments, from household appliances to storage, where it seems that it is very serious. The company is not new to this segment actually but took decades making these devices to third parties, although in recent times the company has set its own brand positioning. The achievements are significant, according to IDC cited by Sanchez, indicating that the company enjoys a global market share of 50% in storage. The proposal of the company, added the spokesman, is based on betting devices “with a very low transfer rate and greater energy efficiency.”