Samsung plans to launch a standalone smartwatch

Samsung will launch a standalone smartwatch in the coming months, according to Wall Street Journal. We would be able to use this device to make and receive calls without the need for any smartphone, something that most smartwatches market can do now. According to sources close to the company, it has also been disclosed that the device can also take pictures, send email, have built-in GPS , Bluetooth and Heart Rate measurement function.

There is rumor that Samsung has started negotiating with European telemarketers, Americans and South Koreans to present this smart garment in June or might be in July. The clock will have Tizen operating system, software based on Linux. We do not yet know whether the device will have voice commands to dial the number of people you want to call or you need to do it manually, but I am damn sure there would be voice command option for sure. When a company can add camera GPS and internet, then they would add this simple feature as well.

This type of gadgets across the wrist is not the first time we see. In fact, it has been a recurring device in pop culture since the forties. However, it was not until 1953 when Sylvania launched a transmitting bracelet with bidirectional communication. Samsung entered in this field in 1999. In that year when when Samsung introduced a stand alone watch, but it did not have the expected results, so it was removed from the market shortly.

Currently Samsung has four wearables in the market: Galaxy Gear, the Galaxy Gear 2, the Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. These devices need a smartphone to support. The new autonomous smartwatch of Samsung would come equipped with a space where you can insert a SIM card. This will be the first of its generation signed by a major brand.

However, the sales figures of Samsung wearables are much smaller than smartphones. There are people who buy the Samsung smartphone, and decide to buy its smartwatch later, but many of them decide to forget about it later. It might be because the Samsung smartwatch costs as much as a smartphone does. I am just waiting t o see what Samsung comes up with now. Standalone smartwatch could be great.

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