Samsung introducing the New Smart TV “Samsung S9W”


This is the latest creation of Samsung in the form of “Samsung S9W”, the new Smart TV with UHD resolution and 105-inch screen … but not for everyone.

A curved TV UHD and 105 inches screen. It is the product that bears prowling presentations and fairs technology; Samsung was working on it for months, but it was not yet final, it was not a final product. Now, the Samsung S9W is official, and with it, its price: $ 120,000 Euros, which fits in the answers what the employees of Samsung gave when media asked for it, “this cost is not a big deal for such an amazing idea “. Of course, it is not a “commercial”, but rather prohibitive, or what fits best in the price department of marketing: “exclusive”.

This TV is made to build brand image, to attract glances even the people who never may allow, as the inventor of this product, and then offered more affordable products. In fact, it is built under embargo and reaches the mansion or home buyer in a truck followed by a car commercial and technicians who are responsible for installing it. But let the TV introduce to public itself.

It is a product specially designed for the film (HD pictures reach to the public in amazing way, so never miss the chance to get the views), because it gets the ratio 21: 9 to issue the movies in their original format recording and save the black bars that adjust the ratio in panels 16: 9. Also, if the size is a problem for the definition under the Full HD resolution, the Samsung S9W fixes it with a 5K resolution (5120 x 2160 pixels, 11 million!), although in practice most of the content that you play will a maximum of 3840 × 2160 (UHD 16: 9).

The direction of the curved TVs people gossip, summarized for reducing the distance from our eyes until every point on the screen, from the center to the four corners, and helps to reduce eyestrain and the more immersed experience. Its density of pixels per inch, is 80, makes it possible to see even from 1.80 meters without appreciating imperfections, although it is advisable to do so from a point 4.2 meters as optimal.

The interface of Curved Samsung is identical to the rest of the family, and in it are things perhaps more interesting in terms of software: UHD Upscaling, which allows you to choose how you want to see the content unsuitable to the ratio 21: 9, or with classic black bars corrective or making wide zoom to the fewest possible image that gets lost at the edges, or with the usual zoom, which fills the screen but lose more of the image as was in the original recording.

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