Samsung Galaxy S5 can work as baby monitor

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be marketed from April 11 (though it’s already launched in Korea) has many interesting features in the software section. One of the more interesting feature is called Ultra Power Saving Mode , a form of energy savings that can add up to 24 hours extra autonomy to the terminal, but that’s not all. The excellent combination of performance and features of hardware , we have added a new feature that we could not compare in any report so far. As revealed by the Gizmodo , the Samsung Galaxy S5 not only be a phone capable of great photographs, fingerprints read or control your heart rate, but the its one amazing feature makes the device can function as a monitor to control our baby, as long as you synchronize the device with the Samsung Gear, the famous smart watch that has in its catalog itself.

galaxy s5Bloggers who have discovered this new feature has proven that it is a hidden tool in the Samsung Galaxy S5. Apparently, this system would use microphones to detect smart watch the baby crying. To detect it, the phone would be able to send a vibrating alert to smartwatch, smartwatch that Samsung has named Samsung Gear and available in up to three different versions: the first Samsung Gear and second versions, presented a few weeks ago at the Mobile World Congress 2014 . We refer, of course, the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. The system would operate when the phone is placed at least one meter far from baby in a room with no background noise.

Unfortunately, it seems that this feature would not be working without the Samsung Gear smartwatch. In fact, if you think about it, the function would be completely useless in the event that users want to continue using your Samsung Galaxy S5 while baby rests. Throughout the time that the device is acting as a babysitter , you can not check the new text messages or phone calls, because the phone needs to be there at baby. So, this feature is kind of useless.

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