Samsung could anounce Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus coming weeks

Galaxy S6 edge Plus

Earlier we published an article about the Bigger Version of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This project’s initial name is “Project Zero 2.” SamMobile reported that Samsung could unveil Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus or S6 Edge Plus coming weeks. The device will have edge at both the side of the display, so the name could likely be Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

As we said earlier, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will not have S Pen like Note 4 edge. It is expected to come with a hexa-core qualcomm snapdragon 808 chipset, 32 GB internal storage, 16-megapixels read camera with OIS and 5-megapixel secondary camera. The device is expected to have a 5.4 or 5.5 inches display with 2K resolution. Samsung has also been criticized for removing MicroSD card slot what Samsung could amend in this device.

This device is for those who want Snapdragon processor, but this doesn’t make any sense. Galaxy S6 Plus will come with less power than its predecessor if the rumored specs turned out correct, it would certainly have less benchmark score. LG G4 has the same processor Snapdragon 808 hexa-core, and its Antutu benchmark score is 47088, and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge stands at 69042.

Antutu Benchmark score of LG G4, Galaxy S6 edge,, HTC one M9, LG G3

If you see the score above, you understand why I am saying that this is not a good move for Samsung to downgrade the processor for its upcoming high-end flagship. Well, just wait for a couple of week, and we will see what Samsung has got to show.

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