How to Switch or RollBack to Older WordPress Plugin or Undo an Update

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WordPress is the most popular Platform that is used by many bloggers because of its awesome features and plugins. There are many free as well as paid WordPress plugins that save your lots of time that you may spend while writing a complex code. These plugins receive timely updates that bring new features and fixes to bugs. However, sometimes it brings bugs as well that I recently faced. After updating Yoast SEO plugin, I was unable to write a new post, it started showing a blank page. It didn’t happen to all of my sites, though. If you are facing any similar issue after updating any WordPress plugin, then you can easily rollback.

This article is dedicated to those who want to undo a WordPress Plugin update or who are looking for a simple solution to rollback to old version of WordPress plugin without losing the change they made (some plugin may get reset, so do it at your own risk, or try on another website to test first).

How to Rollback to Old Version of WordPress Plugin or Undo an Update

It’s always a good idea to keep the backup before you make any change. We are not responsible for any consequences.

  • Make sure you are logged in to WordPress Dashboard with Admin rights, go to Add a new plugin section. Look for WP Rollback plugin. Install it and Activate.


  • Now you will see that every Installed Plugin has Rollback option. In this tutorial, I will Rollback Yoast SEO Plugin. So let’s click on Rollback option underneath Yost SEO Plugin

wp rollback step 1

  • Now select the version you want to Rollback to and click on Rollback option

wp rollback step 2

  • Now you will see the warning message that will warn you what may happen if it is misused or caused an issue for you. Read it carefully, and click on Rollback option to confirm if you are okay with it

wp rollback step 3

That’s it and I assume that your issue is now fixed. You have undone that Plugin Update and Rolled Back to the old version.