How to report a Game Cheater from Game Center

Games Center app comes preinstalled on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. It allows to add friends and Play with them, and keep a record of you achievements and points. Well, there may be times when you feel that a Player is cheating or using a cheat code to Win. In such situation, you can report Apple if you want. It can be done via iOS devices as well as Mac.

How to report a Game Cheater from Game Center (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)

Launch Game Center app on your iOS device

Game Center Users

Tap on Friends

Game Center Friends

Find the user, and tap on it to report as a cheater

Tap on Option icon, select “Report a Problem”

Rport a problem on Game Center

Now tap on “Cheating”

Cheating on Game Center

In the next Step, you will be asked to enter comment or describe why you think a player has cheated on game. After entering your comment, you can tap on “Send Report.” Along with this, you can also report other issues as you can see in the above screenshot.

Mac Users : How to report a Game Cheater from Game Center

Mac users need to follow almost the same procedure

  • Launch Game Center App on Mac
  • Click on Friends
  • Click on Player ID/Name
  • Click on Setting icon
  • Select Report a Problem
  • Now Select Cheater From Drop Down list
  • Describe the issue, and click on Send
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