How to remove a computer from iTunes WiFi Sync

Earlier we informed how iTunes WiFi Sync works on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After enabling iTunes WiFi Sync, you can sync your iPhone with computer’s iTunes data over WiFi. So, no cable connection is required.

However, when you do the same this with your iPhone with multiple computers, you will see more than one devices on your iPhone. Appearing multiple devices on iTunes WiFi sync may also create an issue with iTunes Sync, and it may not sync properly. So it’s better to setup iTunes WiFi Sync with one computer only, but the question is how to remove another one from the list?

iTunes WiFi Sync

How to remove computer from iTunes WiFi Sync

Method 1 (If you have access to the old computer)

Note : This method may not remove the device, but WiFi Sync will be stopped

  • Connect you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Computer
  • Launch iTunes on Computer
  • Turn off WiFi on your iPhone
  • In iTunes (on computer), uncheck the option “Sync with this iPhone over WiFi”
  • Click on Apply
  • Once you click on Apply, Apply will be replaced with Sync. Click on Sync
  • After sync completion, disconnect the device from computer

iTunes WiFi Sync Disable

Method 2 (Works in all situation)

Apple has not given enough option under iTunes WiFi Sync. There must be an option to remove a listed computer without any hassle. You will have to reset all Settings to remove the listed Computer from iTunes WiFi Sync, but don’t worry any file will not be removed. However, all the settings will be set back to factory settings.

To Reset iPhone Settings, follow these steps

  1. Launch iPhone’s Settings App
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Reset
  4. Tap on Reset All Settings
  5. You will be asked to enter your iPhone’s Passcode and confirm Resetting
  6. Now your device will take a while to reboot, and all the settings will be reset

iPhone Reset All Settings

Now you can go to iPhone’s Settings –> General –> iTunes WiFi Sync, and you will not see any device. Now you can make a fresh start, and enable it for your new Computer.

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