How to record video with audio on Mac using QuickTime Player

We all know how to record Mac Screen, but there is one problem. You can record any online video, but without audio. However, we will tell you an easy way that allows users to record video with audio, and you can also record audio only if you want. While recording video with audio, you can also listen to the sound. It can be done using QuickTime Player itself, but there is a little workaround.

How to record Video with Audio on Mac using QuickTime Player

  • Download SoundFlower free Utility for Mac
  • Install SoundFlower on your Mac
  • Now Launch Mac’s Audio MIDI Setup (located under Applications –> Utility)
  • Click on sign and select Create Multi-Output Device

Sound Flower Audio MIDI Setup

  • Select Both as Audio Device “Built-in Output” and “SoundFlower (2ch)”
  • Drift correction should be enabled for SoundFlower only

Setting up Soundflower

  • Now Launch System Preferences on Mac, Select Output tab
  • Select Multi-Output Device as output, Adjust the sound before you change output device because volume key will stop working after the change. It will start working when you change it back to the internal speaker. Also, check Input tab as Internal MicroPhone Should be enabled

Selecting Audio Output

  • Now launch QuickTime Player
  • Play any video, you can play even YouTube Video to check
  • Click on File, and Click New Screen Recording

New Screen Recording QuickTime

  • Click on the down arrow sign close to recording button, and make sure build-in MicroPhone is selected. If it is not, click on it to select

Select Microphone from QuickTime

  • Click on Recording button
  • Now you can click anywhere to record entire screen or Select the desired area you want to record
  • Record a short duration, and check. Video will be recorded with Audio

This way you can record any video you are playing on Mac, and also online video, even Netflix or YouTube Videos can be recorded. You can also record audio; after launching QuickTime Player app, when you click on File, you will get the option to record new audio.

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