PS4: A perfect video game console


When we talk about HD games, the first thing comes in our mind is either PlayStation or the Xbox. They both are good, but PS4 is being sold more than Xbox. There are some reasons what makes users to buy PS4. Its record breaking sale has made PS4 fastest selling gaming console. PS4 has been sold like anything in United Kingdom. Let’s know in detail.

  • PS4 costs around $400, and Xbox One adds $100 more to the price and makes it $500. The problem here is, Xbox is expensive not because they want to earn more but they have invested more. PS4 has taken care of this thing, so it attracts more users, offering them PS4 at $100 cheaper than Xbox One.
  • Xbox One is not available in each and every territory, but PS4 covers the more areas and territories what Xbox one does. Availability in most of the places makes any stuff to be sold more and more. Microsoft needs to expand the Xbox One availability to other places.
  • In terms of size, Xbox One is heavier than PS4 which makes it little awkward.

PS4 is rich in technical specs with its 8GB RAM, which makes the multi-tasking, even faster, and its hard drive capacity is 500GB what can be used to store your favorite games. The best part of PS4 is that you don’t need to wait for the game to be downloaded completely. When you download a game, you can start playing even the download is not complete. Actually, PS4 downloads a portion of the game, and let you play while the rest of the portion continues its downloading in the background. Its improved graphic feature will give you the best clarity while playing any HD games. PS4 also has social sharing features, so you can share it with your friend. You can stream the live games you are playing, or can record it and post later.

ps4 and ps vita

If you have PlayStation Vita, you are lucky enough. You can connect your PS Vita with PS4 and play games on your Vita over WiFi access point. If you don’t have, you can buy one. There is one more amazing feature “PlayStation App.” It gives you the flexibility to manage games, navigate through the game store and purchase it, challenge you friends, read their messages, check notifications, and receive other gaming alerts. It doesn’t matter where you are, you are always connected. All you need to do is “connect your device (Android phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad) with PS4. There is one important thing that PS4 needs to be connected to the internet when you use it the first time, because the firmware needs to be updated, though you can use it offline after the update. PS3 games might not be compatible with PS4.


PlayStation controller “DualShock4” comes with amazing features to allow you to control everything when you play or use other features and options of PS4. DualShock4 even has a 3.5MM audio stereo headset jack. It’s featured with PlayStation button, share button, directional buttons, options button, left and right sticks, right button, action buttons, multi-touch capacitive touchpad etc. There are six-axis motion sensing systems, and three of them are axis gyroscope, and another three are accelerometer. There are built-in rechargeable battery and a mono speaker, light bar, Bluetooth V2.1and vibration feature as well. I have got one recently, and I love it.

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