Playing online or computer chess and its benifits

online chess

Chess is one of the most exciting games, and it’s not only because of its complexity and its endless possibilities, but also for all the benefits it has. Whether with a friend, playing online or against the computer, chess helps us to understand many facts of life. Here, Windows 7 home and ultimate come with some preinstalled games including Chess, and if you don’t have one or using another operating system, you can always Google it to find a free Chess app Or you can even play online as there are many websites You can start with easy mode and can change the mode to medium and hard gradually. It’s a fun, and you have the option on computer to play against computer Or if you have your friend with you, you can always ask him to join.

Benefits of Playing Chess Against Computer

  • Play without time pressure: The fact play without time indefinitely allow us to analyze the possibilities and to choose which we believe is the best. And with the option to go back, we can see what the response of the machine, so as to anticipate their movements and improve our plans, but some of the apps has the time restriction as well that you need to respond within the given time. You may change it from the settings.


  • Train certain openings: The machine is programmed to win and not admire (in most cases) serious errors. This means that we will have a great “partner” to train and prepare openings for tournament games.  


Still, some players feel that it’s not worthy to play online chess as you get “no reward,” but if you are a new player you must learn, because it opens your mind. Once you learn it, you can play with other players in the world which will allow you to know the “real” stuffs as well as opening that are played in tournaments, and allow us to exchange experiences and most importantly, allow us to meet players from around the world. Remember one thing that too much of anything is bad, so don’t play throughout the day sitting at home as it’s an indoor game. You should go out and move and try outdoor games as well to keep you fit in your life.

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