Play QWOP Athletics Game Online

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Play QWOP Athletics Game

What does QWOP Stand For?

If you are thinking about the meaning of QWOP, then let me tell you that QWOP stands for nothing. QWOP are the 4 keys that you will have to use to play this game. So based on those 4 keys, the game has been named as QWOP.

How to Play QWOP Game?

Playing QWOP game isn’t very easy. There are 4 keys that you will be using in this game; Q, W, O, and P. Q and W keys control Thighs, O and P keys control Calves. Now you will have to make the game character run, but it’s not very easy. You must make a proper balance, else it will fall down right there or even at backward leaving minus score.

QWOP is one of the popular games among Children and those looking for unblocked games. This game can be found on many websites, even on Google’s pages that have been made to upload flash games.

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