How to perform Hardware Test on Xiaomi and Samsung Phones

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If you own a Samsung or Xiaomi smartphone, you can perform a hardware test to find out if everything is working fine. It could also be useful when you are buying a used phone from someone, and a used device probably doesn’t come with any warranty. Hardware Test will help to identify issues with Phone Sensors, Camera, Display, Sound, Speaker etc..

How to Perform Hardware Test on Xiaomi Phones

Test Xiaomi Phone Hardware

  1. Go to Phone’s Settings
  2. Tap About Phone
  3. Tap 5 times on Kernel Version (don’t take pause between taps)
  4. Now you will be on the screen with a list of options, like Version Info, SIM Card, Call Audio, Proximity Sensor, and many other options
  5. Tap any of the option to test. The instruction to perform the test will be shown on the screen. After each test, you need to tap Pass or Fail, then it will automatically switch to next option

Alternative option : You can dial *#*#64663#*#* on any xiaomi phone, and Hardware Diagnosis option will pop up on the screen.

How to Run Hardware Performance Test on Samsung Phones

Samsung Hardware Diagnostic

  • Dial *#0*#, and you will be on Hardware Diagnostic Screen
  • Now press any of the option to perform  test. It all depends on what you want to check. For example, tapping on Red option will make the whole screen Red, and when you tap on Touch option, it will let you check if the screen touch is working perfectly or there is any issue