OUKITEL A29 Smartwatch Phone deal for international users

OUKITEL A29 Smartwatch Phone

OUKITEL A29 Smartwatch Phone is a wearable that can be used as smartwatch as well as a stand alone phone. It features a round shaped steel case, and the strap is made of genuine leather. It is available in three colors; Silver, Gold and Gray. It also features Sapphire Glass to make the display durable to handle daily wear and tear. OUKITEL A29 Smartwatch Phone can be connected to Android or iOS device via its Bluetooth 4.0.

OUKITEL A29 Smartwatch Phone has a unique feature as Speech Synchronization Control, this feature allows to synchronize iOS Siri, Google Now, and other voice recognition services once the smartwatch is connected to your device.

OUKITEL A29 Smartwatch Phone Technical Specifications

OUKITEL A29 Smartwatch Phone features a 1.22 inches display with 240 x 240 pixels resolution, 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM, MTK2502 CPU, Bluetooth 4.0, 320 mAh battery, and a Micro SIM Slot.

It is also water and dust proof IP53 certified, and comes with some useful preloaded apps, like Alarm Clock, FM, Sound Recorder, Calendar, Browser, Calculator, People etc.. It also helps to find a missing smartphone or vise versa. When the phone/smartwatch goes beyond certain distant it reminds, and you can press watch key to look for your mobile. You can also play music on your smartwatch or control your smartphone camera remotely via Smartwatch and capture photos.

Now coming to the heath features that all users seek in a smartwatch. OUKITEL A29 Smartwatch Phone also comes with these health feature : Pedometer to count the steps you walk, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder etc..

Pricing and Discount Coupon

Regular Price : $69.99

Use Coupon Code : OTA29

Savings : $7

Final Price : $62.99

Preorder ends on 25 November, and then it will be shipped.

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