How to apply mobile theme on WordPress blog? OR How to optimize WordPress blog for mobile

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Optimize Wordpess Blog for mobile using any mobile theme

These days if you wan to be a success blogger, you need to optimize Wordpress blog for mobile. All the WordPress theme are not optimized for mobile phones, so when a mobile user tries to open your blog on a smartphone, the browsing is uncomfortable. So you need to take care of user experience to get more visits. We know giant social network, like Facebook and Twitter. They have most of the earning coming from mobile users, so how can you ignore this?

Now the question is how to optimize WordPress blog for mobile without any programming or developing knowledge? You have some options what I am going to share.

Option 1: By choosing a theme that is already optimized for mobile

There are WordPress themes that are fully optimized for mobile phones, and when you install it on your WordPress blog that works well in both the devices, Computer and Mobiles. So there is nothing to in theme part as long as you don’t need any SEO kind of work.

Option 2: Using Jetpack

You can just install a plugin “Jetpack,” and I know most of users already have that. Connect Jetpack to your WordPress account. Now go to jetpack setting and scroll down to find Mobile Theme option. Click on Activate, and configure it as per your needs. There is not much to do in configuration part. Jectpack do optimize WordPress blog for mobile, but when you activate mobile theme by JetPack, it doesn’t looks responsive unless you do coding, but it works well in mobile phone without destroying user experience.

Option 3 and the best: Using Any Mobile Theme Switcher Plugin

This is the best option I found so far, and I also went for this. Just install a plugin on your WordPress blog “Any Mobile Theme Switcher.” Once installed and activated, go to settings, click on Any Mobile Theme Option, now you will have the below screen:

Optimize Wordpess Blog for mobile using any mobile theme

You can select the theme, you want to display on mobile devices. So what it actually does is keeping the same theme (what you have choose for computer) it changes the theme whenever a mobile user browse your blog. So to use this plugin, you can install any theme what suits a mobile device.

It was a DIY tips to optimize WordPress blog for mobile, but if you still need a professional kind of design, either you should know how to edit the theme code or you should hire someone who can do that for you.

Good Luck and feel free to get in touch if you require any help.