More than one million units shipped in March 2014, interest in the UHD TVs continues to grow

According to IHS Technology , the number of televisions UHD sent or placed to the market has surpassed one million units during the month of March 2014. A figure that seem small to many. True, it is not surprising if we compare it with the sales of other products. But we’re talking about TVs that its recent release still have a high cost and, in March 2012, almost presented recently at the CES in Las Vegas did not reach 150,000 units.

What happened? What are the reasons for this growth? Unfortunately we can not say that the increase in the supply is because of the content (programs published in 4K resolution) We continue with the same options known so far that are basically service Sony 4K Video Unlimited, Amazon and Netflix to produce its series in that resolution.

The main reason is that the technology matures quickly and prices adapt more quickly to the market, although remain high. But paying 2300 euros for a 50″ with UHD resolution is not as disproportionate and users are buying and the demand grows. UHD TVs need content in great resolution, and if we expect to have no content manufacturers will lower prices of their TV by failing demand. And if there is no demand content creators will not produce 4K for only for a few to enjoy. Given that represents an investment of 4K team record.

Too bad a market like video games do not allow us to enjoy games or 4K UHD. It would certainly be a great for you to buy a UHD TV if you want to enjoy the 4K resolution videos.

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