Offline Forms: What Does It Have to Offer

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It would be really great if you could access the most critical digital data even when there is no Internet, right? That would allow you to become even more productive and effective. You would not need to wait until you have the connection to the Internet to work on your files or documents. Instead, you could be working directly from your device, no matter which exactly in fact, and had everything you need updated and synchronized. No more delays due to a lack of connectivity; from now on you can get to the vital data entirely when being offline.

Generally speaking, is an elegant program that your team will surely want once you only give it a try. It is especially useful for the B2C enterprise sector. Use it to effortlessly gather, keep and submit your valuable data no matter where you happen to be. And as it was mentioned in the opening, it works even when there is no Internet connection. It’s high time you stopped double entering job data!

offline data

Offline Forms: What Is the Essence?

Everything is pretty simple and straightforward here: once your device is connected, you don’t need to worry about synchronization and transporting of your submitted data to the main database in real time, everything is done automatically.

But what happens when the connection is limited or completely unavailable? In that case, when you happen to be offline, all your saved and entered information will be kept on the device until you go online again. Once the Internet is enabled again, the
device will automatically sync all submitted job information. Some seconds and that’s it.

Noteworthy is the fact that this elegant software comes with a pretty solid set of features. We will examine the main ones below. Already intrigued, right?

offline form

The Key Features of Offline Forms

● All data stored in one place. Keep your job a little more organized!
● Multiple file format support – store any digital file, regardless of its type.
● The possibility to submit one single form a number of times.
● Adjustable core technology, which will help you to set the needed forms for your product.
● Helpful support, which can speak numerous languages.
● All major devices compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS.
● Location mapping with GPS.
Thus, as you might have already guessed, that useful utility won’t not only help you to close deals faster and in an easy way but will make you and your team more mobile, productive and effective. Plus, it keeps things simple and easy when it comes to bargains, deals and etc.

Therefore, wasting your precious time on finding and downloading a form at weak network speed has become so old-fashioned. Use Offline Forms! So, if you aren’t already using it, we have to ask you one single question: What are you waiting for?