New York Subway MTA Map and Route Planner App Review

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If you are new to New York city, travelling from one location to another could be tough. However, you will never get lost as long as you have a Smartphone or Tablet with you. We already know how powerful Google Maps is. It can take you from any location to your destination, whether you want to drive or walk, but it requires internet connection. Google Maps app is useless if you are not connected to internet via WiFi or Cellular data. In Such case, you need something that works even offline. That’s when NYC Subway MTA Map and Route Planner app can help you. Here are some quick features of the app.

New York Subway MTA Map and Route Planner App

  • It works even without internet. You can check the Map, and go from Point A to Point B easily. To use route planner, just tap on Menu option (on the top left corner), and select Router Planner. Type or select the current location into field “A”, and type destination location into field “B”, then hit the Route option (on the top right corner). It show the Route as well as travel duration, and you can select the Map tab to check route on Map.


  • This app keeps you updated with changes in services, delays etc.. Just hit theMenu Option, and tap Service Status. It will show all the sudden or planned changes, and also guides what you can do to travel further.

NYC Subway map changes

  • When you select a location, it shows 4 options; (1) Arrival Boards : To check when the Next Train is due (it will show if there is delay) (2) E & E Alerts : Any planned or unplanned maintenance, and the estimated time when the issue should be fixed (3) Onward Travel : it shows the location on the Google/Apple Maps, and you can launch the app to navigate and walk to you destination (4) Ride With Uber : This app comes with the Uber Integration, so you can tap on it to Book Uber Taxi quickly. It also shows the offer/discount you can get with Uber. Please note that these features will not work without internet connection.

Location and travel options

  • You can also enable Walking Routes by tapping the small route icon on the top right corner, and enabling Walking Routes. It will highlight Walking Routes on the Map
  • This app also keeps you updated with the helpful travel information by Tweets from official @NYCTSubway

New York Subway MTA Map and Route Planner App is a officially licensed Map from MTA, so you can expect accurate information. The free version of the app serves ads to support developer, and you can upgrade to Ad-free version for $3.99. They also offers Apple Watch app for iPhone.

iOS Users : Download the App from App Store

Android Users : Download from Google Play Store