Now you can undo a sent email on Gmail

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How can I Undo your sent email in gmail

Gmail has one very useful option that allows you to undo any sent email. You need to enable this option, and chose the time frame. You can choose between 5 seconds t0 30 seconds, that means whenever you send an email you will have that much time to stop that email to be sent.

Tips for Undo your sent email in gmail

How to Undo your sent email in gmail

How to enable Undo a Sent email on Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail account
  • Click on Settings (Gear icon at the top left hand side, underneath your Profile Picture)
  • Make sure you are in General Tab
  • Check the Box Enable Undo Send
  • Select the time (send cancelation period), you can select between 5 to 30 seconds
  • Save the settings

Undo your sent email in gamil

Once enabled, when you send any email, it will show you two option at the top of the page : Undo and View Message. You can click on Undo to stop the email to be sent. For example : If you have selected 20 seconds, you will have maximum 20 seconds to Undo. You cannot undo any sent email thereafter. That also means your every email will be on hold for 20 seconds to allow you to Undo, and then it will be sent.