Not all USB drives are equal and the SanDisk Extreme Pro evidenced

It’s a fairly common misconception that the memories USB are all the same: it does not matter what we buy, because in reality the only difference is the available capacity. Error. SanDisk Extreme Pro is an example that not only are not equal, we are in fact very different.

If you take a memory USB only average check than usual is that we can move data at about 20-40 MB/s. SanDisk Extreme Pro ensures speeds of 260 and 240 MB/s read and write, respectively, one of the fastest Marketplace. Something like the Kingston HyperX USB but much faster and with a more serious design.

The world of memories USB has evolved very significantly in recent years, which means the arrival of far superior to the old speeds. The SanDisk Extreme Pro is about twice as fast as a hard drive and half a SSD, which are very surprising figures. Only be available in a single model of 128 GB capacity.

As usual software encryption and backup, everything is included for a price of 222 euros in Spain. No specific date yet, but with a ‘coming soon’ as SanDisk says Spain in the official release notes.

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