New Gear VR Headset for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge announced by Samsung

VR Headset

Last year Samsung unveiled a virtual reality helmet called Gear VR works with Galaxy Note 4. Now the company Samsung revealed its new smartphones, the Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and also announced the new Gear VR headset that will work with the new smartphones. Over and above Samsung is adding support for its latest smartphones; Samsung has also made a couple of adjustments to virtual reality helmet to ensure that users will have an enhanced experience of virtual reality.

The new VR Gear Innovator Edition has been developed in conjunction with Oculus, like the past, and has an accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor. It offers a field of view of 96 degrees. Samsung has reduced the size by 15 percent compared to first-generation hull. Since the new smartphones have higher density of pixels, and the case of Virtual Reality used their screens, Samsung says the new headset will provide an unrivaled cinematic experience. They promise better weight balance through straps with ergonomic redesign, besides allowing virtual reality experience extended by mechanical ventilation. In its press release the company also confirms that the VR Gear now be powered by a USB port that enables extended the use of time. The virtual reality helmet update will become available in the market this year.

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