The best free WiFi Analyzer app that every Android users Must have

Earlier we used to connect to the internet via Ethernet cable, but no longer now. Technology has changed the way we used to connect to the internet, and now most of the users have replaced their wired and traditional modems with the new modem and routers that let them connect to the internet wirelessly. Whether you want to watch videos, use Smart TV, look for any information, do online shopping, pay bills from home etc., you must be connected to the internet. A wireless network let users connect multiple devices at the same time regardless of what device you are using (a computer, smartphone, tablet or any other gadgets).

There are many hacking tools that can be used to hack a WiFi connection. Hackers can connect to your WiFi Network without your permission, and they can also spy. It also includes the risk of getting virus and malware, so you need to be careful. In such case, you need something handy that can let you monitor your WiFi network. We always keep our Smartphone with us, and having an app on the smartphone could be the easiest way to monitor Wireless connection. So we will tell you about a WiFi Analyzer application that comes with great features, and you can use it for free.

The best free Network or Wifi Analyzer app for Android Devices


This Network Analyzer android app is offered by Home WiFi alert on Google Play Store, and it has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of Android users. Here are the key features of this application;

  • The app comes with a cool graphic and easy-to-use user interface.
  • It let you see how many devices are connected to a WiFi Network. Devices are listed as untrusted by default, and you can tap on Untrusted Device option to list it trusted device. So next time when a new or unknown device is connected, you will be able to identify.
  • You can tap on Block option to block internet connection for any device you don’t recognize.
  • The map result option makes it easier to see all the connected devices and their IPs.
  • The app also shows the Devices’ Mac Address and manufacturer brand.
  • WiFi Analyzer app let you see all the available WiFi networks and their signal strength in realtime.

There are some more features that have been integrated with WiFi analyzer app to make your life easy. These features are located under IP Tools section;

  • Port Scanner
  • DNS Lookup
  • Who IS
  • Mac Lookup
  • Blacklist
  • Trace
  • Ping

These features could be very useful at times. For example, you can use Who IS option to see a website/domain related information without leaving WiFi Analyzer app. Ping tool can be used to test how fast a server respond when a request is sent. You can type the IP address of your hosting server and test. It can help you identify whether you have hosted your website on the right server or you need a change. Ping can also be used to test the response time of your internet service provider.

Download WiFi Analyzer from Play Store

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