Multiple URLs Opener : How to Open Multiple URLs with a single Click

There may be times when you want to test multiple websites at the same time, and opening each of them separately could be more time consuming and frustrating. We wrote an article recently informing users about MovieTube alternatives, and all the MovieTube related URLs that got shut down after the huge penalty. So if you want to test that many URLs in one go to verify the truth, you need Multiple URLs Opener tool, else you will keep browsing for long. If you are in Blogging, SEO, or any related job, you really need something that can open multiple websites at the same time, don’t you?

Well, there are some websites that can make your work easy, and they are called multiple URLs Opener. All you need to do is, copy and paste the all the URLs in the provided field, and one click would be enough to open all the websites in your internet browser tabs. Let’s know about

Multiple URLs Opener

Note : if any of the Multiple URLs Opener Tool fails to open all the URLs with one click, you need to disable popup blocker, and then try.

Using Google Chrome Extension

  • Add this Google Chrome Extension to your Browser
  • Once added, you will see a + icon on the top right corner by default
  • Click on that icon, and then copy and paste the URL
  • Now click Open URLs, and all the URLs will be opened in multiple tabs on your Google Chrome Browser

Multiple URLs Opener

Optional, but useful:

There are two more options as you can see in the screenshot

  1. Don’t load tabs until selected : This option is very useful if you don’t have a good internet connection or a fast computer. If you check this option, and then click Open URLs, all the URLs will be opened in separate tabs, but they will load one-by-one when you click that tab to check. Unless you go to that tab, URL will not load the page.
  2. Extract URLs from text : If you have got some text with URLs or HTML coding that contains many URLs, this Chrome extension can filter URLs from the text or coding. Just paste what you have got, and hit “Extract URLs from text.” Once filtered, you can open all those URLs with one click by hitting the Open URLs option

multi URL Opener

Multi URLs or Link Opener Websites

If you don’t want to install Google Chrome Extension on your browser, or if you don’t have Google Chrome installed on your Computer, you can do it online visiting any Multi URLs Opener websites. Please make sure, popup block is not enabled, else they won’t work.

OpenMultiURL : Visit Site

When you visit the site, there is just a little you need to do. Just paste the URLs, and click “Go” button, and all the URLs will be opened

Multi URL Opener

URL Opener : Visit Web

This website also does the same work, but in little different way. You can enter or Paste the URLs in the given field, then Click Submit. Now all the URLs will be linked and put above the URL submission box. You can click each URL one-by-one to browse, or click “Open All” to open all the URLs in your Internet Browser Tabs.

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