Mozscape index or DA update for September 2015

Mozscape Index Domain Authority update for september 2015

There has been time when Domain authority used to update twice a month, and website owners used to wait for the update. However, it has changed in many ways. Domain Authority (DA) is very important for any blog/websites to know its quality/backlink quality. Now the update happens once a month, and sometime once in 2 months.

Mozscape index for September 2015

If you are waiting to see any change in your websites’s DA, then don’t expect it in September. Moz has already given the update that the Mozscape index has been canceled for September 2015. They have experience some difficulties, that messed up the Mozscape index.

Read the reason of no update in Moz’s director and engineer (Martin) word

We are sorry that we have had to cancel this month’s index release.

We have experienced some unintentional side effects from changes in the scheduler system that have caused a skew in the websites we have crawled leading up to the index. This skew in websites has resulted in large fluctuations in some of the metrics that we produce and provide a lower quality view of the web that we think is not informative to you, our customers.

We plan a more extensive write-up for those interested of the root cause of the problem that will be published in our Q/A section sometime over the weekend.

In July, they had some issue as well. The number of Mozscape index was much bigger than they expected, and it caused delay, but they updated on 20 July. However, there is no delay for this month indexing, they just canceled it.

Mozscape is not like Google or Bing that indexes too quickly, it takes so many days. That’s the reason sometimes your blog’s DA gets decreased even you think you have made many quality backlinks. If you made some backlinks to get better DA, you can expect some changes in the next to next update.

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