Mozilla Firefox: The best and the worst internet browser

mozilla chrome

There are many internet browsers available, and almost all of them are free to download. Now, the question, what comes in our mind is “which is the best and fastest browser?” This question can be answered by yourself as you must have used different browsers, and if you have not, please go ahead and try.

I would share my own experience of a couple of years as I have tried many. I found Google Chrome suits me the best in terms of lightning speed, and it doesn’t get stuck, but if you try to change the IP of Google Chrome, it changes the IP of your computer as well as the browser. This is what I don’t like. If you use the browser to surf internet, and watch streaming videos, Google Chrome is the best.

Now, let’s talk about Mozilla. Mozilla is the first choice of all Bloggers and SEO professionals, because of the add-ons what you install in Mozilla Firefox. SEO professionals always need to check the Google Page Rank, Domain Authority, Alexa Rank, Inbound and Outbound links, Page indexes, website health, etc., and all those information come handy with the installation of two simple Add-ons, SEO Quake and SEO Moz. If you need to check more information of a blog, you can install other free Add-ons as well. You don’t need to change the IP of your computer if you just want to change the browser’s IP. Click here to know how you can change the IP in Mozilla Firefox? These features make Mozilla Firefox the first choice by Bloggers.

Well, you might be thinking how the best browser can be the worst one? Any browser doesn’t trouble as much as Mozilla Firefox does. It might open a page in seconds, but you can’t do anything on that page for minutes. It gets stuck on every page you open. You really need to have patience if you are using Mozilla Firefox. This is the only browser which takes lots of your RAM when you are using it. You may clear cache and delete cookies, but it doesn’t help with Firefox.

If you have nothing to do with SEO and Blogging, I will never recommend you using Mozilla Firefox, but if you are a Blogger or Internet Marketing professional, you won’t find a better option than Mozilla Firefox. You know what my problem is? I get sick and tired of Mozilla Firefox, but I use it at the very next moment, because I didn’t find a better option so far. That’s the tragedy of Blogging. 😉

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