MOZ is following Google’s path and there is no DA update

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moz and google

There was a time when Google Page Rank (PR) used to be updated in a specific time, so the bloggers had some clue that Google will update PR this month (not the exact date). Later, Google made it uncertain, and now no one has any clue when Google will update it next time. Last time, Google Page Rank was updated in December 2013, but this update made little mess and many Good blogs and websites lost its PR as well, but later, Google made it right as I have seen many of the Blogs got their PR back, but most of the blogs either lost the PR or it got reduced like anything. Where I have seen losing the PR from PR5 to 0 or 1. Well, that’s Google algorithm and they change it to separate the ship from the goats.

After December 2013, there is no PR update or you can say there is Ranking update all the time, because Google is not only de-indexing spammy sites but taking the PRs of the sites as well. So the PR is being updated, but just to penalize spammy sites with irrelevant links. So, it doesn’t matter how many backlinks you have, your site can lose the ranking anytime if the links are not natural or you have just used some apps which make lots of spammy back links to your site. So always use natural way to get the ranking, and getting 1 quality backlink is better than getting 100 spammy links which will harm your site in the future for sure.

Well, we knew that we are uncertain about the Google Page Ranking update, but we were sure about the MOZ that they update the Domain Authority (DA) twice a month. Usually MOZ updates the DA by 15th of each month and again by the end of each month. So, your hard work reflects twice a month as DA, and if your blog is doing good DA increases, else it goes down.

Now, it seems MOZ is following Google as well. It’s been more than 35 days and there is no DA update by MOZ. So, if you are a blogger, keep an eye on your blog and keep your blog updated, because after a long time when MOZ updates it and you see a great loss you are going to be upset. This happens when something is not being updated, we lose the concentration, and this ends with a shock. All you need to do is, update your blog for your visitors, but not for Google and MOZ, because if you only think about the ranking, you are going to fail one day. Ranking comes with the time, and when you give it proper time, the Ranking will be stable provided that you don’t lose your concentration after getting your blog ranked.

Happy Blogging!